Thursday, August 2, 2012

Muppet Treasure Island, Part 3: A Mutiny on the High Seas

Smollett orders Jim to turn the treasure map over to him so that he may lock it up in his safe.  And there it stays for weeks.  The weeks become months, and very soon, the entire crew succumbs to "Cabin Fever," one of the more inspired musical numbers of the film.

It wouldn't be a Muppet movie without an over-the-top musical production!

After getting that out of their system, the locked up pirates complain about their conditions and Silver puts on a show, reprimanding them for their misdeeds.  He talks with Hawkins who ultimately slips up, revealing that there is a treasure map on board and in the cabin of Smollett.  That night, Silver strikes up a conversation with Arrow.  Remember all that stuff about alcohol earlier?  Well, this is the part in the book where Silver gets Arrow drunk so that he falls overboard.  But, since we can't have that, Silver instead appeals to Arrow's authority and convinces him to check the lifeboats for safety reasons.  Arrow gives him his hat and keys to hold on to while performing his safety check and drifts away into the endless expanse of ocean.

Bye Sam!  I'll miss you!

The next morning, the crew mourns the passing of Arrow, and Silver breaks his companions free, allowing them to steal the map.  In the kitchen, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Jim sneak some apples from the apple barrel and overhear Silver and his men planning a mutiny, intending to take over the ship once the treasure has been found.

They'll get to the CORE of this problem!

As the ship nears the island, Jim informs Smollett of the pirates' plan.  Smollett decides to let the pirate crew disembark on the island first with the map and then abandon them for a year so that they can return for the treasure when the pirates are too weak (or too dead) to fight back.  That's..very dark.  I know Kermit is playing an established character, but yeesh!

Kermit the Frog: Letting 30 men starve to death to teach them a lesson.

Unfortunately, Silver expects something is up when Smollett lets the pirates go first, so he kidnaps Hawkins to ensure his safety.  They reach the island and decide it's time to come clean.  Yes, he is actually a pirate, one of the original members of the crew that buried the treasure.

Methinks the outfit gave it away.

Silver tries to convince Hawkins to truly embrace the adventurous lifestyle and just become a pirate.  And, in order to convince him, we get another song, "Professional Pirate," which is sadly Curry's only number.

Hawkins refuses the offer, claiming that Smollett will surely rescue him.  Sounds of cannonfire signal Smollett's arrival, but Silver assures him that it is actually the signal that the remaining pirates on the ship have actually mutinied and he is now in charge.

But don't worry, Smollett, Gonzo, and Rizzo managed to take the other lifeboat and are headed to the island right now!

Now, I know what you're thinking: "This is a Muppet movie.  Where are all the pigs?"  We shall find out tomorrow!  The pigs are coming!

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