Monday, October 29, 2012

The Witches, Part 3: Boys Will Be Mice

What does Formula 86 do?  Why it turns children into mice, thus making them easier to kill.  There are a lot of rules about the mouse potion, specifically how long it takes to work depending on the dosage.  So, to show her fellow witches the results of her potion, the Grand High Witch brings in good ol' Bruno Jenkins.

WARNING: The previous clip was super scary and unsettling and should not have been viewed by small children.

After giving Bruno a laced chocolate bar a couple hours before, Bruno returns to receive the promised amount of six more chocolate bars.  However, in 15 seconds, he will turn into a mouse.  The Grand High Witch was cutting it pretty close there.  What if Bruno had gotten held up for some reason?  Then he would have turned into a mouse in front of the hotel guests and the witches' plan would be ruined.

Oh well, Bruno transforms into a mouse in the most grotesquely cartoonish way possible.

I feel like Oompa Loompas should be singing him a swan song about now.

Bruno the mouse scurries away and the witches pat each other on the back for a job well done.  And then, as they are leaving, one witch finally smells Luke and a huge chase scene begins.  Luke manages to escape the ballroom and the hotel completely and heads towards the beach where other guests are.  Um Luke, now would be the time to TELL AN ADULT what is going on.

But no, the Grand High Witch distracts him by PUSHING THE BABY CARRIAGE OF A SLEEPING MOTHER DOWN A STEEP HILL THAT LEADS TO A CLIFF RIGHT OVER THE OCEAN!  What an obvious set up.  Also, this witch was about to straight up kill a baby.  In a kids film.

So of course, Luke saves the day and the baby's mother doesn't report the witches.  Luke ends up back in his hotel room where his grandmother is still passed out in her diabetic coma.  The Grand High Witch catches him and brings him back down to the ball room to force him to drink the whole bottle of Formula 86.

Bad touch!

Luke gets up a little woozily and begins his transformation into a mouse.

But first he becomes Joel Hodgson.

As a mouse, Luke scurries beneath the stage and meets up with Bruno.  They both discover they can talk, but when they run into Luke's mice William and Mary, they are unable to communicate with them.

They aren't puppets like us.

Luke and Bruno plan to make their long trek up stairs to Grandma Helga's room so that she may fix the situation.  The next few minutes are filled with much scurrying as Luke and Bruno change from live-action mice to animatronic mice between shots.  Even though the change is obvious, the mice muppets are really cute, considering their size.


Will Luke and Bruno be able to change their forms and save the children of England?  Find out tomorrow as the spooky story continues!

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