Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Witches, Part 4: Hotel of Horror(ible Service)

The mice-children make their way upstairs to Helga's room and they pass by Mr. Bean and a maid who have been making whoopee in the supply closet.


The maid freaks out at the mice, allowing the children to sneak into Helga's room.  Helga has awoken from her slumber to find that the children have been transformed.  She handles the whole situation of talking mice very well, all things considered.

How does she know that this isn't just a decoy grandson sent by the witches?

After the whole situation is explained, Luke decides he must retrieve the formula and slip it into the witches' food at that night's dinner.  As Helga lowers Luke into the Grand High Witch's room via her knitting, Luke encounters a black cat who threatens his existence.  Fortunately, he manages to discover the potion tucked away in a book.


Meanwhile, Mr. Jenkins flirts with the Grand High Witch in an amusing scene where he wishes to contribute to their charity to protect children.  After nearly being driven to vomit at the mere discussion of children, the Grand High Witch and her assistant retreat back to the room to prepare for the evening's banquet.  Luke nearly gets caught but then he doesn't.  However, she notices Helga distracting her cat from the window above.  I'm sure there is some history there.

As everyone heads to dinner, Helga once again passes by the Grand High Witch and the tension is so think you could cut it with a tension slicer.

I loved her once...

Before heading to the kitchen, Helga approaches Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins in an attempt to clue them in on the situation.  Of course she sounds like a lunatic, especially when she dumps two mice on the tables claiming that one is their son.

He's picking up an olive.  He is clearly Bruno!

Bruno's parents usher her away and she makes her way into the kitchen to drop off Luke and the potion.  You'd think that so many health codes are being violated in this movie (sure, let some crazy old woman waltz in and drop a mouse in our potato sack), but then we see that there are many unsavory practices going on in the kitchen.  Hotel Excelsior! is getting a terrible Yelp review when this movie is over.

Not only do the chefs serve food from the garbage, but the custodial staff steals from the guests, as seen when the maid applies some Formula 86 to her body, assuming it to be perfume.

 Well, she'll learn her lesson, I'm sure.

Also, the witch's cute assistant is not allowed to partake in the festivities.  This is some more foreshadowing!

Back in the kitchen, Luke successfully dumps the entire bottle into the soup being prepared for the witches banquet.  Um, what about all of the other hotel guests who might possibly eat the soup?  Surely nothing good can come of this brilliant plan.

Find out tomorrow whether Luke succeeds or remains stuck as a mouse forever in the conclusion of The Witches!

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