Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Could Love a Grouch?

Nobody who lives on Sesame Street really hates anybody.  But Oscar the Grouch makes it really difficult for others to accept him.  He is deliberately unkind and cruel and he delights in surrounding himself with offputting materials, creautres, and odors.  Yet everyone makes an effort to be friendly towards him.  However, they all go about it the completely wrong way.  The adults, children, and Muppets of the street fancy themselves to be very tolerant people, but despite their pleasant nature, they intend to change Oscar.  They want him to denounce his rotten ways and become a productive member of society.  And Oscar will not have any of that.  He refuses to budge because to change would be to deny his heritage and culture.  He was born a grouch and he will remain a grouch for the rest of his life.


But, being the only one of your species can be a lonely existence.  Especially, if that species repels all others intentionally.  This dirty green lump on society needs someone who does not only just tolerate him.  He needs someone who respects him.  He needs someone who understands him.  He needs someone who loves him for him.

A blond grouchy girl, perhaps?

This lovely number is Grundgetta, voiced by Pam Arciero.  Grundgetta fills a role in Oscar's life that no other person can.  She embraces his cranky nature and returns with a foul persona of her own.  While Oscar argues with everyone on Sesame Street, he probably argues with Grungie the most, for she is his equal.  She can provide the sophisticated level of conversation he needs to get by in this world.   If your best friend saw everything in the world exactly as you did, the novelty of your friendship will wear off quickly.  There is no room for growth and learning. There is just boring agreement.  Oscar and Grundgetta may be very similar, but they maintain that perfect balance of differences that draw people together.

There is harmony in their disharmony.

We all experience grouchiness at multiple points in our lives.  Whether it be from a lousy grade, a troublesome co-worker, or it was just a bad day so LEAVE ME ALONE!...grouchiness can hit us at any time.  What we need is a friend who can acknowledge and appreciate us even at our worst moments.  One who sees through all of our faults to the true heart that lies beneath.  One who can listen all of our complaints and does not feel ashamed to share their own grievances.  A friend who is not willing to help you when you're at your lowest does not deserve to be around you at your highest.

And they really don't mind if you live in filth.

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