Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Muppet #28: Lo-Co

On the Muppet Wiki, there is a "Random Muppet" button which sends you to the page of one of the thousands of Muppets in existence. I will press the button and discuss the importance of the Muppet that comes up, no matter how obscure. No skips. No redos. This is the Random Muppet Challenge.

(This week is the special Christmas Edition. For Christmas.)

Random Muppet #28: Lo-Co

Wait, which one is the Muppet?

Performer:  Bill Barretta

Muppet Universe of Origin:  General "Muppets"

Most Significant Appearance:  "All I Need is Love" music video, November 26, 2012

Cee Lo Green is about the closest thing we have to a human Muppet these days.  His style, his fashion, and his personality are so cartoonish that you can't help but enjoy his presence.  Ever since his Elton-John-Muppet-Show-inspired performance of "The Song Alternatively Known as 'Forget You'" at the 2011 Grammys, it became clear that the man needed to collaborate with Kermit and the gang at some point.

And that point came this very year, when Cee Lo ended up at the Muppets' Christmas party and introduced his new holiday song, "All I Need Is Love."

Complete with a sample from "Mahna Mahna."

Halfway through the music video, a new Muppet named Lo-Co is introduced.  He bears a striking resemblance to Cee Lo, and even performs in his stead at some live appearances of the song.  He is a curious figure, indeed.

Why Is He the Most Important Muppet?  What Is the True Meaning of Christmas?

As Santa (played by Craig Robinson) joins the party, we see that Christmas isn't the same for everybody.  Despite the fact that he looks and acts like Craig Robinson, he is treated like Santa Claus all the same.  There is no debate about it.  He is Santa Claus.

There goes that "tech-savvy Muppet" with his iPhone again.

This is a perfect addition to the song.  It has nothing to do with love in the romantic sense, but it is totally about acceptance.  What Cee Lo wants most for Christmas is to feel loved for who he is.

The man with the Muppet 'fro.

Everyone wants to know their place in this world.  We are attracted to like-minded individuals in order to make our lives bearable.  Some people take time to develop their personas, and struggle to find where exactly they fit in.

A Henson Company tradition is to provide special people with Muppet caricatures of themselves.  These are highly prized puppets that signify that a person is accepted by the Muppets.  It is their way of saying, "You are one of us," literally.

Cee Lo earned his wings this year.  He received the greatest gift a Muppet could receive.

Sesame Street Parody Muppets, notwithstanding.

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