Monday, September 3, 2012

All Worked Up

The symbiotic relationship between Fraggles and Doozers serves as the basis for the whole Fraggle Rock ecosystem, and, in turn, represents one of life's truths.  There cannot be play with out work and there cannot be work without play.  Each species accepts the role that life has handed to them and rarely is this predetermination ever questioned.

We have seen what happens when Fraggles attempt to stray from their lot in life and take a break from chronic playtime, but what about the Doozers?  Most people, when given the choice, would probably rather be a free Fraggle than a Doozer, slaving away all day making buildings that just end up destroyed by nighttime.  One would think that Doozers would be trying to quit, left and right.  But something in their genetic makeup drives them to continue working, refusing to take a break.

But for one young Doozer, the never-ending monotony of work is enough to make her snap.

She's a rebel without a helmet.

In the episode "All Work and All Play," Cotterpin Doozer is about to come of age and earn her helmet, signifying her as a full-time working Doozer.  But she has no desire to buil and would rather have fun drawing.  Not only that, but she hears tales of the free-spirited Fraggles and wishes to be just like them. Her parents try to warn her with the fable of the Doozer who stopped working and turned into a Fraggle, but for Cotterpin, that consequence sounds ideal.

No daughter of mine is going to waste her time dancing cares away.

She is brought before the Doozer's version of the wise sage, the Architect.  He tells her that she must stifle her creative urges and become a productive member of society.  She agrees to go through with the helmet-receiving ceremony, in which a lengthy oath devoted to submitting one's life to the workforce is repeated by all.

The Architect gathers the hats for this sacred day.

But at the end, Cotterpin denies the oath, refuses her helmet, and runs off on her Doozer motorcycle, er, go-kart to go join the Fraggles.  She discovers Red and informs her of her defection.  At first, Red refuses to interact with her, claiming that Doozers are boring and shouldn't interact with Fraggles.  But she eventually warms up to the little Doozer, identifying with feelings of being out-of-place.

We're in this together, sister!

Unfortunately, due to Cotterpin's size, she is unable to keep up with all of the fun activities Red has planned.  And the final straw of going for a swim in the watering hole signifies that Cotterpin just doesn't have what it takes to keep up with the Fraggles.  She dejectedly returns home where the Architect waits for her arrival.

He informs her that she is not the first Doozer who rejected the coming-of-age helmet.  In fact, he too refused to become a builder when he was young.  But he loved to draw and thus he became the next Architect, leader of the Doozers.  Because without the blueprints, the Doozer's cannot build.  He offers to train Cotterpin as his apprentice so that one day she too can grow up to lead the Doozers.  She accepts, happy to have found a job that suits her (although she still enjoys sneaking off to play with the Fraggles every now and again).

Oh Cotterpin, what are we going to do with you?!

It is no mystery that the secret to a long happy life is finding work that you enjoy.  For the Doozers, building all day is not a burden for them.  They genuinely enjoy the process of creation.  The Fraggles may not completely understand them, but it is clear that they are happy.  But everyone is different and must find their own true calling.  As with Cotterpin, we must discover and hone our own talents so that they can fit into the world around us.  And even when we find our calling, a little break once in a while doesn't hurt.

Happy Labor Day!

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