Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Safety.  Comfort.  Familiarity.

In life, we are encouraged to try as many new experiences as possible.  As our horizons are broadened, we become more enlightened to our surroundings.  For some, this ignites a passion for travel, as curiosity forces us to seek the answers that we cannot find at home.  For others, change comes quickly and without warning, uprooting us from our places of solace.  We all start with one home, but it is not set in stone.

If we can find safety, comfort, and familiarity, we have found our home.

But what if that isn't enough?  What if we dream of a perfect place?  A place to call our own?  We might be comfortable where we are, but there can always be something better, right?

A quiet, serene landscape, where you are in charge.

The same old routine can wear on our souls.  We desire exotic locales for our vacations because variety keeps us satisfied.  For brief periods of time, we imagine what it can be like to call a better place home.  And when we return, we are filled with fond memories.  That is where we want to live.

We can feel safe and comfortable in a new familiar place.  But there is one more thing a home requires.

Home is not always fixed to a place.  A cherished item can make you feel at home.  A song can take you home again.  But the best home is the one you can create with other people.

You can travel to the moon or to the bottom of the sea.  You can climb the tallest mountain or navigate the thickest jungle.  You can experience new cultures in fabulous cities or quiet towns.  These will create wonderful memories.  But none of these places will be home.  Not until you share them with the ones you love.

They say that home is where the heart is.  So give your heart to the right people.

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