Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creatures So Small, They Could Only Be Friends

Tiny is not an easy status to have. The world hovers over you. A simple walk across the room becomes a journey fraught with intimidating danger. But the generations of visionaries have failed to capture that unique feeling. Only one man was brave enough to tell the true story of the tiny miseries of the Fuppets: Arturo Lima.

A heroic man among other men.

Tiny Fuppets is a complete original that took the world by way of a thunderstorm.  Originating in Portugal, the series has produced over 1,000 episodes and 4 movies, each more exciting than the last. Only recently has this wonderful creation hit the beaches of America. All children can delight in the antics of friends such as Kormit, Ms. Woman, Gonzor, Tummi Bear and Animanuel.

Friends unlike any the world has ever looked at!

Look at this introduction to your favorite characters to relive your era of being a child!

Under the gaze of his oppressive captor, the Giant Legs, Kormit must fight the system with the Tiny Fuppets the only way he knows: his imaginative mind.  Every day is an adventure that just needs ending.  Safety is rare.

Fortunately, with friends like these, life can be easy.  Still, the problem of size is difficult to assess.  Perhaps it was Kormit who said it in the best way when he sang "I wish I was bigger, instead of so small."

Rude people of the internet have attacked this series for being a ripoff.  These claims were so heartbreaking that the blind and elderly Lima had to speak against his critics proving once and for all who the victor is.

(For those who have curiosity, the "Junior Minis" are the actual ripoffs, and they can be seen here, if you are a traitor.  As you can see, the drawings are poor, the voices are displeasing, and the ripoff is evident.)

It is a good thing the Fuppets have fans and friends like us to favor their work.  At times, all of us can be tiny.  But as long as we trust in each other, we will never be small.

Even in death, we are the best of friends.  God Bless Piano Dog.

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